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By offering our capabilities in areas such as information security consulting, and DDoS/DoS attack emulation, we help clients identify security risks and define measures to mitigate them.

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Why choose us

Pattern Of Our Working: Cybersecurity Working Model

QuantumIntell is ready to provide any kind of work selected from the availability below

One Time

Because of what you want to protect, our security testing team scrutinizes every detail and reports on the results obtained.

Managed Service

This model includes professionally managed services. We recommend adding the appropriate service to your list of regular tasks.

Managed IT Service

We provide security services for complex IT systems on a remote basis to ensure that you’ll be stay technologically advanced.

Quantum Intell

A Security With Advancement Under One Roof

At QuantumIntell, we employ multiple layers of defence to protect your corporate network and its sensitive data. QuantumIntell’s security engineers understand several ways to protect sensitive information and reduce the chances of a successful attack on your network.

Quantum Intell

Cybersecurity Services We Offer

Poorly coded and poorly protected applications can put your organization at risk and lead to data breaches. To overcome such things, we offer the following:

IT infrastructure Security Testing

Discover security gaps in components of your IT environment. We check the level of protection of your IT infrastructure and provide solutions

Resilience Test

Our security testing team assesses the stability of your infrastructure by testing it beyond its normal operational capacity using specialized tools.

Confirm Security Code

All programming languages ​​have their quirks. Detect existing loopholes before your application goes live.

Cloud Security

We help our customers secure their cloud solutions. Has the necessary experience to tune particular security components.

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